Bonne Annee 2015 avec de bons vins Bios en perspective.

We have not published anything in the last six months but have not forgotten about our little documentary project that hopefully will come alive this year.

This is the last big stretch for Appellation Nature Controlee, the documentary. After four years in production, this self-funded documentary is now opening the door to the post-production room. We hope to have a first cut by the end of the summer 2015 and to have a final by fall 2015.

We do not have any distribution deals, as of right now, as we are focusing of the montage and overall story line (chaque chose en son temps), but all doors are open…

Sur ce, Happy New Year!

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Interview with Lydia and Claude Bourguignon


After a very busy few months working on many things other than the wine doc, we have just returned from France where we interviewed Lydia and Claude Bourguignon, as well as Pascal Marchand from “La Maison Marchand-Tawse”.

Lydia Bourguignon is an agri–food scientist and enologist, and Claude Bourguignon is an agricultural engineer in soil microbiology.

Together, they run an independent laboratory located north of Dijon in Burgundy, to help wine growers, farmers, vegetable growers, golf keepers, and others in soil and plant management.

They were very kind to let us interview them (even though we took way too much of their time). They answered questions such as “what is the soil situation in France?” and “what is the best way to manage a soil?” and so on.

Instead of telling you all about the interview, the video speaks for itself. (Sorry to our non-French speakers, but this video is in FRENCH)

Enjoy the video!



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Bonne et mauvaise nouvelle.

Ils s’en passent des choses dans le monde du vin et surtout dans celui du vin BIO.

A la “UNE” cette semaine, l’histoire de Emmanuel Giboulot, ce vigneron Bio Bourguignon qui risque 30 000 euros d’amende et jusque 6 mois de prison pour avoir refusé de mettre des pesticides sur ses vignes. Une affaire tres importante car l’enjeu est tres haut pour Emmanuel Giboulot mais aussi pour les vignerons Bio Francais.

Voici plusieurs articles a lire sur ce sujet: (in English please!)

Et une petite video qui explique bien des choses:


En accord avec l’affaire des pesticides, lisez moi cet article tres interessant de

Et pour finir avec les lectures et sur une bonne note, voici un dernier article de qui parle d’une augmentation de la surface du vignoble Bio en France.

-Team Defendshee

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From the web

Bonne Année a tous.

It seems that little by little natural wine is after all getting into the US market. We already know that in the East, New York City as a fellowship of natural wine enthusiast but now Philly is also into the naked wine. philly wine glass

Check this great article from “” about how natural wine is on the “Pennsylvania’s Map”.


D. Team

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Interesting video report on wine additives

Happy holiday season to all of you!

Fingerprinting-red-wineBefore opening that ultimo bottle of wine of 2013, check out this 20 minute video from the Swedish TV4. This is a good piece of reporting about all of the additives and chemicals that some winemaker put in their wines, of which some are cancerous and dangerous to our health.

At least the winemaker in this video is not hiding it.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year 2014.

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News “en vrac” and a cool video

It’s been a busy month!

Last week, Marcarthur organized a blind wine tasting with only New Jersey wines in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (all conventional wines, no relation to the Appellation Nature Controlee documentary).  We learned a great deal about the potential of the state of New Jersey. Hopefully someone will start to make organic wine there soon!

Read Stuart Pigott’s blog about the tasting.

In other news, Wine Spectator released their Top 100 lists for 2013 and surprise… (drum roll) … the Morgon, an organic wine of Marcel Lapierre, is in position number 76.  This is the first that an “alternative winemaker” has made it onto this list.

We also found a great video from 2005 about La Dive Bouteille, the 6th edition of the Loire natural wine festival. You will certainly recognize some vino celebrities who are well-known by NYC organic wine enthusiasts. Enjoy!

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Nouvelle enquête sur la presence de pesticides dans les vins.

Nouvelle etude sur la presence de pesticides dans les vins.

Le magasine “Que-choisir” a publie une nouvelle enquete sur la contamination des vins  en France, en esperant que cette etude va aider les consommateurs dans leur choix a l’achat de vin (bio) et en eveiller plus d’un.

Pour en savoir plus, lire: (In English:) (In English:)

Vous pouvez lire l’enquete ici.

Bonne lecture,

Defendshee Team

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